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The Canadian Academy of Pain Management is dedicated to promoting excellence of care for pain sufferers; through comprehensive professional development for professionals who care for pain sufferers; in a context of interdisciplinary collaboration; and through adherence to the core professional attitudes and acquisition of knowledge essential for caring for pain sufferers.

Accreditation by the Canadian Academy of Pain Management acknowledges that the accredited member demonstrates a high standard of appropriate knowledge of the field of Pain Management and demonstrates the core attitudes requisite for the respectful, skilful, and compassionate care of pain sufferers.

General Membership Fees in Canadian Academy of Pain Management

  • Regular Members in Credentialing Stream
    - $200.00 per year + HST
  • Corresponding Members (Not eligible for credentialing)
    - $100.00 per year + HST
  • Students/Members-in-Training
    - $25.00 per year + HST
  • Corporate Members
    - Please see Corporate Members page
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