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The Canadian Academy of Pain Management is dedicated to uniting professionals who are committed to relieving pain suffering, to acknowledge their professional identity in the field of pain management and relief, and to advance the professional practice of Pain Management.

It aims to promote and instil core values essential for the compassionate and professionally excellent practice of Pain Management.

It is dedicated knowledge of best clinical evidence and promotion of skills, for effective pain management.

This Academy is devoted particularly to accrediting and encouraging clinicians who care for pain sufferers, and to provide a stimulus for their ongoing professional development.

The Canadian Academy of Pain Management aims at collegial interdisciplinary cooperation for the practice of Pain Management. This will be accomplished by joining other stakeholders dedicated to education in pain relief and management, support of national and international pain associations, pain sections of professional discipline associations, associations representing patients with pain, and entities committed to professional standards for pain management.

The Canadian Academy of Pain Management is committed to promoting a climate of continuous quality improvement and the sharing of knowledge between pain clinicians, and between clinical practitioners and researchers.

It is committed as well to promoting the presence and visibility of those committed to pain management and pain relief within professional associations.

It is committed to being visible and proactive with policymakers involved with development, dissemination, and implementation of policies that affect accessibility and quality of Pain Management services.

The Canadian Academy of Pain Management strongly recommends membership in international or national pain societies, in pain management sections of professional associations, and other associations of stakeholders committed to Pain Management and relief. Accreditation in the Canadian Academy of Pain Management does not constitute professional certification or licence to practice and does not regulate practice.
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