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Members of CAPM, may apply for a Certificate of Continuing Education on a yearly basis ($25 for first certificate).

At the end of each year, a member may submit to CAPM offices proof of participation in continuing education relevant to pain management and pain relief. Requirement is 25 hours of competency-based courses or continuing education hours relevant to pain management and pain relief. To satisfy the requirement, the member must submit for each program:

  • identification and date of the conference or course
  • a brochure or list of topics covered in the conference or course
  • proof of attendance including hours attended
  • and a completed form containing self-evaluation of each educational event. If not provided by the conference, CAPM office will provide a suitable form for self-evaluation.

On proof of 25 hours per year suitable continuing education, the CAPM will send the first year a certificate of continuing education and a date stamp for the current year and for subsequent years will send a date stamp to affix to the certificate.

The administrative fee for providing the first certificate is $25 (Canadian dollars) and subsequent date stamps are provided without additional fee to active members who complete the yearly requirements.

Continuing Education Guidelines

The CAPM awards a yearly certificate for CME in chronic pain management to members who provide evidence of 25 hours of relevant CME participation. The Academy requires documentation of 100 hours of acceptable CME over four years as a requirement for re-credentialing every four years.

The purpose of continuing education is to

  1. Enhance current professional skills.
  2. Acquire new knowledge, skills and techniques relevant to interdisciplinary pain management.
  3. Develop critical inquiry skills, professional judgment, and ethical practice.

The Academy seeks to avoid duplication of the requirements of other professional organizations and regulatory bodies. Therefore continuing education credits earned for those professional organizations and regulatory bodies are accepted by the Academy for purpose of yearly CME certificate, and purpose of re-credentialing.

If not already included in the educational credits submitted to your professional organization or regulatory body, the following process can be followed for credit by the Academy.

  1. Verified independent research in the field of pain management (up to 15 hours yearly).
  2. Published pain management manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals (up to five hours credit yearly) or in published pain management books (up to 10 hours of credits yearly).
  3. Seminars, workshops and conferences devoted to chronic pain Management.
  4. Annual clinical meetings of Canadian pain society, American pain society, IASP, Canadian or American Academy of pain management, or equivalent scientific meetings.
  5. Individual training in pain management, including participation in fellowships, practice audits, and mentorships.
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